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All locations, except Bantham will remain un-named.

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14/04/09 Bantham

17/03/09 Bantham

24/01/09 Bantham

18/01/09 un-named

02/01/09 Bantham

24/12/08 un-named

23/11/08 secret spot

12/11/08 Bantham

24/10/08 un-named

05/05/08 secret spot

16 and 17/04/08 Bantham

12/03/08 secret spot

26/02/08 spot L

13/02/08 Bantham

29/11/07 secret spot

19/10/07 Bantham

Arica, Northern Chile. Not South Devon, but I was lucky enough to be there for the Rip Curl Pro Search and some sick waves.

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